Why Velo App is considered Top 10 Apps in the region?

Developed by Dow Group team one of the leading and emerging Mobile App in Saudi Arabia

You can build a business around delivery on your terms.

Use your car, truck, or van to work whenever you choose. With Velo, the delivery of your supplies within the cities of Saudi Arabia is very easy! Choose the job that suits you and use the means of transportation available within the application.

You have a car that, no matter its type or model, you can use! Delivery by all transportation means is available! Register for whatever suits you!

Step into a world where you can get all your everyday needs done on one App, the Velo App.

What is the Velo application?

Velo is a Saudi Arabian delivery mobile app that connects people who want to send things with drivers or captains heading in that direction. Those things can be things like stuff, papers, goods, appliances, etc., and the driver can be you. You can check the job and see what you’ll be paid for it. If you’re heading in that direction, choose the job where you will be paid.

Ride, order, shop, move, or become a captain. Velo is a hassle-free, one-stop solution for your daily delivery needs or to get money.

How does the Velo app work?

If you are in Riyadh and there is a customer nearby who needs stuff sent to another house or somewhere else in another city, maybe to Al-Kharj or to al Alduwadimi town, you take those items and get paid for being that captain.

If you are in Qatif, for example, and there is a customer nearby who needs stuff sent to another house or company, maybe to Khobar or possibly to Dammam, you take those items and get paid for being that captain.

Customers request delivery help from Velo and from many locations, and their requests are fulfilled within a short amount of time during the day. The Velo App is handy for individuals or businesses who need things picked up and dropped off at a certain location as soon as possible. This app connects people with businesses and individuals to provide on-demand delivery, moving, and hauling services. It is a same-day delivery partner.

What are the benefits of mobile apps in delivery?

Smartphones have already become an unavoidable part of our lives, and Saudi Arabia is no different.

Mobile phones have changed the way we work, play, and interact with one another, but they can be limited when used outside of the box. The app provides more value to your customers than people who just want the job done. Improve Customer Loyalty. The app connects you with your customers fast and easily.

To fully maximize your phone’s potential in Saudi Arabia, you’ll need to download and install some amazing apps, and one of them is Velo. It saves you time and gives you money.

How do I install the Velo app?

Velo is available to download and install from apple store or Android devices. Head to your preferred app store and download the app. As easy as that! it goes this way:

To download Velo apps from the Google Play Store, you will need an internet connection-either using your mobile data or connecting to a Wi-Fi connection. You are not required to add a credit card or any financial information to be able to download free apps.

The keyboard will appear if you tap the white bar at the top of the page. From there you can search for the Velo App to download and tap Install.

The app can be launched by selecting “Open” once the download is complete.

Why are people joining Velo?

High payouts, guaranteed. You will get paid and receive 100% of the customer tips!

Be your own boss and quickly grow your business with consistent, well-paid work and live notifications when new Velo is requested in your area.

Work on your schedule! Work as much or as little as you’d like. You have full control over what Velo you request. Go for only the ones that suit you.

Velo encourages people to drive and earn money along the way. It helps deliver service and get money. It is a real job. A sender creates an account on the Velo app. Drivers then review deliveries in their area on the Velo mobile app and choose to offer to take this delivery along the same route. The app will then assign the task to the driver. Isn’t it simple? For the record, captains do not only launch in major cities in Saudi Arabia but also in rural and urban communities.

Velo is a delivery app your delivery needs.

How can I benefit from the Velo App?

is eager to assist you with

Enter Your Details. Tell us when, where, and what you need help with, and people who need your service will contact you. Make money in your spare time whenever you want-you’re the boss.

Receive and accept jobs, chat with customers in real time, and manage your account. Easily sign up through the app and get started today!

Do you need to improve your situation? Or do you have free time?

Velo benefits you by being like hundreds of people who are using this app. It matches people who need everyday items with people who can grab them. Each user can switch instantly between getting what they need, sending what they want, or even being a captain themselves.

Earning money as a captain or sending your items as a sender Simply place an order for the products you need now and we will find the nearest shopper to your position! Velo Captains are independent contractors that help people in Saudi Arabia with their delivery and moving needs by using their cars, trucks, trailers, or simply by foot.

Use the Velo app to find projects around your local communities. Create your own flexible work schedule, enjoy the support of our engaged customer service team, and benefit from a growing industry.

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