Our specialized developers at Dow apps are ready to help you take advantage of iBeacon solutions in Dubai and Lebanon which settings can be modified and changed by them to your mere advantage. With specific methods, alteration of frequency transmission is possible through the device, thus creating a different way of providing location-based information and services to smartphones.

iBeacon solutions is a newly developed technology that allows you to install Apps on your smartphone while it identifies signals transmitted by beacons and consequently responds whenever in range. You can now enjoy the great benefits of iBeacon solutions which enable you to display special offers, alerts, ads, and maps for your customers to see and track.

The technology of iBeacon web development solutions all through Dubai, Abu Dhabi UAE and Lebanon would actually enable all your customers – that are normally close to your place – to interact more easily with your products and services, helping you, whether a company, a restaurant, a retail store, or maybe a beauty center, to display offers on the spot to all customers in range, acting definitely as a better solution than GPS.

Building that kind of user interaction with customers and passersby is now more posable than ever, and while iBeacon solutions in Dubai and Lebanon is taking over, it’s now easier than ever to build great relationships with your customers while ensuring a greater satisfaction and loyalty.

ibeacon solutions